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Fingerprinting Methods

The fingerprinting Services in Phoenix​ we offer

Fingerprint Clearance Cards

Otherwise known as a FD-258 fingerprint clearance card this is document is what we print your fingerprints onto. This is then sent to the state for processing after your fingerprinting services in Phoenix​.

ATF File

In order to obtain a concealed carry waiver (CCW) you must be fingerprinted and a background check performed. We offer this for fingerprinting services in Phoenix​. We can get it started for you today!

FD‑258 Printed Cards

The FD-258 fingerprint clearance card is the most common form of fingerprinting out there. We use our state of the art digital fingerprinting system and scan your fingers to print the card.

Live Scan

As a licensed print scan provider we are able to offer state of the art digital fingerprinting. As a result, we improve fingerprint accuracy and speed, all with out the mess of traditional ink prints.

Ink Fingerprinting

The traditional ink prints that we've all had to experience before. When it is required we are more than capable of providing traditional ink fingerprinting in chandler. Lastly, schedule your appointment today!

FBI Fingerprinting

FBI Fingerprints are used by the FBI to positively identify people and cross reference their unique fingerprints to their criminal history. In addition, most agencies and states require specific employees to submit their fingerprints to the FBI.

Who Do We Offer Fingerprinting Services Phoenix​?

Just Some Of The different industries and individuals we offer Fingerprinting Services too


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answers to some common questions our fingerprinting services Phoenix​ customers ask

Your total fingerprinting costs vary depending on the type of fingerprinting required. For instance, our rolling fee is $29.00 for one clearance card and that fee never changes. After that, the state fee for processing the fingerprint clearance card is $67 for non volunteers and $65 for volunteers. So, usually, the total cost for you would be $96 as a non volunteer and $94 for a volunteer. 

First off, all you need to bring is Government issued ID and card or cash to pay for the rolling fee. Furthermore, all other fingerprinting materials are provided for you at our locations. So, come on down, we’d love to roll your prints!

Yes you can! You are able to pay for the state fee and fill out the application online at AZ DPS Online. By doing this, you no longer have to worry about a money order to pay the state for running your fingerprints, when you mail them in. Lastly, the only additional expense is our rolling fee.  

Great question! First off, our live scan machine makes fingerprinting very quick an efficient. So, almost all appointments, where we use Live Scan, are no longer than 5-10 minutes long. However, traditional ink tends to take 10 minutes, on average, maybe a little longer at times. Both are still very quick experiences.


Now, when it comes to the time required for processing the background checks and fingerprint clearance cards, that depends heavily on the agency or institution requiring you to get fingerprinted in the first place. In conclusion, this time varies greatly from institution to institution and you should ask your respective institution.

First off, Live Scan utilizes an electronic fingerprinting system that digitizes your fingerprints. These digital fingerprint files are then used for printing and submitting via mail just like the ink fingerprinting. Furthermore, they can also be used to submit electronically to different institutions, depending on the requirements for the type of fingerprinting being requested.  


Secondly, traditional ink fingerprinting is the old school process we have all seen or experienced in person or on tv. We use ink and roll your fingers one by one in the ink solution. Next we roll your fingers one by one on the fingerprint clearance card. Once the fingerprints are properly displayed on the clearance card it is then mailed off. 


Lastly, the biggest benefit to the digital Live Scan fingerprinting is the speed and accuracy of the fingerprints. With the traditional ink method it is very easy to smudge the fingerprints, which means the fingerprints have to be re-done. These inaccuracies can also lead to fingerprint clearance cards being rejected for inaccuracy. 

No, you do not need to roll your fingerprints more than once when using our Live Scan fingerprinting machine. Furthermore, we are able to utilize the cataloged fingerprint roll to submit or generate a new print. 

Although our initial fingerprint clearance card fee is $29, which comes with one clearance card. All additional fingerprint clearance cards are $15 per clearance card. 

Yes, we provide fingerprinting for the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

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